How convenient an in-person checkout process is can have a significant effect on customer satisfaction in a store or with a business. With a 246 percent increase in ecommerce sales from 2014 to 2021 and half of Americans saying they don't carry cash with them the majority of the time, having mobile card reader payment forms for your business can serve a customer need and differentiate you in and outside of your store. Plastic is king for most payments today, and the easier you can make the payment process, the better the shopping experience is.

Mobile credit card processing provides your business with the freedom to handle transactions anywhere with a connection. From transforming the in-store experience into one that's more conducive for today's busy shoppers, to taking your business from beyond your usual store, here are five ways using mobile card reader technology can help you improve the service you provide your customers.

1. Faster Checkout

The sight of long lines can create stress for both customers and employees. Employees might rush through checking out customers to cut a line down, without delivering the focused and personalized customer service that the consumer deserves. People who might otherwise be shoppers at your store may avoid it altogether because they simply don't have time to stand in line.

Using mobile card reader technology enables instant checkouts, without having to go back to a cash register to look up information or ring up a product. Employees who are already conversing with customers on the floor can take care of the checkout process, too, allowing the rest of your team to focus on more important work than rushing to cut down lines. Receipts can be emailed, instead of having to wait for a printer or, worse, having to restock a printer with paper and cause more delays.

2. Process Payments Anywhere

The ability to process payments anywhere gives your staff a better opportunity to connect with customers. Not only can you handle credit card transactions outside of a store without the need to transport a bulky point-of-sale device, but you can also make a shopping experience in a store better because customers no longer have to wait in long lines or find a checkout counter to purchase.

With a mobile card reader, servers at a restaurant can check customers out quickly at a table without rushing back and forth to process payment. Anyone on the floor in your retail store can check customers out on the spot whenever they've found a product they like. Stylists at a salon can process a transaction right at their station, so the customer can be on their way once they leave their chair. Mobile payment processing makes every business experience more organized, simpler, and hassle free.

3. Improved Accuracy

There's something about holding your bill in your hand or seeing it right in front of your eyes before it's processed that gives you peace of mind that it is accurate. Being able to see the total of a purchase on an individual device can help a shopper to identify errors and point them out more quickly, making each purchase more efficient.

Mobile card reader technology can also simplify the tipping process. By instantly calculating certain percentages of a total bill and presenting the shopper with options to leave a tip, it's as easy as clicking a button to add a reasonable tip. Consumers avoid the hassle of having to do math or miscalculating while manually entering a tip on a receipt.

4. Better Store Appearance

Want to give your store a modern appearance without a significant interior design investment? Get rid of payment processing clutter. A mobile credit card reader has a minor physical footprint and a sleek design that plugs right into small devices like smartphones or laptops. Sales associates can carry them in their pockets, which eliminates unsightly desktop machines that take up a lot of space and aren't pleasing to look at.

This gives retailers the opportunity to spotlight more of their products and services to customers, in a more attractive way. Shoppers can more easily locate what they're looking for, since you have more room for an open layout that focuses on your products.

5. More Relatability

Processing payments using modern mobile technologies makes your business seem more forward thinking and technologically savvy, which can be attention grabbing and appealing, especially to those who grew up with technology, like millennials. When a sales associate “speaks the language” of the customer by using familiar devices for payment processing, it can also increase likability and trust.

Especially for brands that have a technology focus, using the latest technology in payment processing makes sense and enhances the shopping experience. When retailers want to stand out and stay relevant as they're competing against the convenience of ecommerce shopping environments, mobile credit card processing helps.

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