We are facing unprecedented challenges as a democracy and as Americans.

First came the coronavirus outbreak, which threw us into a time of loss, turmoil, and uncertainty.

Then came the senseless death of George Floyd and the deep history of pain, anger, and sorrow it brought to the surface in a community that has seen too many injustices over the years.

Having said that, we as an organization wish to acknowledge that it is people of color who have been disproportionately impacted by these events. Racism and injustice are real. To our Black employees, business owners, and Sales Partners, we are here to listen, stand with you in solidarity, and fight against racism as it has no place in our community.

North American Bancard’s employees and customers represent the great melting pot that America is all about. That is unquestionably one of our greatest strengths. We will use that strength to find a way forward.

We extend our deepest sympathies to all of you who have been impacted by these tragic events and who have been oppressed and devalued. We wholeheartedly embrace the need for systemic change to ensure justice and equality for all Americans.

At this time, it is more important than ever to support organizations that work to bring reform to our communities. The change will not be easy, however, when the goal is justice and equality, it will be worth it. We wish peace, health, and safety to all of you as we all work to achieve the societal change we need to see in our local communities and across the country.

The NAB Team

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