Question: I have multiple merchant accounts with PayAnywhere. How I can manage them all through one login?

Answer: If you have multiple merchant accounts with PayAnywhere, you can use one login credential for all accounts and switch seamlessly between them with PayAnywhere. To learn more, click on the photo below to watch the tutorial video from the PayAnywhere YouTube channel:


Managing Multiple Accounts

Did you know you can apply for additional PayAnywhere accounts on our website. If you have multiple accounts, you can seamlessly switch between them and PayAnywhere Mobile, and this video will show you how. Before we get started, here are some important items to remember. You can use the same login credentials for all of your accounts. Be sure to verify which account is active before processing sales. Your inventory will change when you switch accounts and transactions processed through one account will not be viewable in others. Additional accounts are automatically linked to your primary account. The first time you access PayAnywhere on your device, you’ll be prompted to select an account to access. After this initial login, tap the settings icon and then general settings. Finally, scroll down to the open on login section to set multi-merchant account defaults. For example, you can select a default account that will always open at login. Tap the default account box to display a list of all of your accounts. Make your selection and then tap done to close the window. The next option sets the most recently accessed account to open at login, or you can choose to always be prompted at login to select an account. Tap update at the top right corner to confirm your selections. Finally, if you need to switch between accounts after logging in, return to settings and then select profile info. In the active account section, select the desired account. The new account will display and perform a sync, completing the process.

Thank you for choosing PayAnywhere and we look forward to helping you grow your business one swipe at a time! 

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