It can be difficult to write an effective sales email to prospective customers. To help you out, use these tips from Tropical.

Keep it short. An email should be easy to read and quick to respond so keeping it at about 3 sentences should be perfect.

Personalize it. Whether it’s a first name, job title, or company, personalize your email to the recipient. Creating relationships with people and other businesses is important to showing that you care and intend to make relationships that last.

Ask only one question. A sales prospecting email should be simple and relatively to the point, so only ask one question. Better yet, make questions that have simple answers.

FYI. An FYI or P.S. at the end of an email is almost always read so put something important there. Perhaps a link to your website or another way to contact you.

Don’t automate. To reiterate, make it personal and do not send automated emails with fill-in-the-blank spaces. Make it look like you hit the send button and put the effort into your email.

Research. Another aspect of making your email personal is to research both the person and business. If you’re going to add their position at the company when addressing them, it’s best you get their position right. Prepare yourself for anything you can add to make it more relative to the person you are sending the email to.

Be excited. In the beginning of the email, showing you’re excited can be a great way to start. Saying that you’re “looking forward” to this experience and working with the person or business is the perfect introduction.

Propose an idea. Coming up with a new idea and giving them a glimpse of your thought process is a great way to get a business excited to work with you. This stage is important, so be creative.

Close right. When closing your email, it is important to focus on the business and not the product. Businesses create relationships, products don’t.

Using these tips, get out there and send your first effective sales prospecting email!


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