Small Business Saturday, a local shopping tradition started by American Express, is Saturday, Nov. 28. To help you make sure you get the most from this boost in local holiday shopping traffic, try these tips and tricks we've compiled from Facebook.

Ways to use Facebook for Small Business Saturday

Call to action buttons. Getting your leads to convert into customers is made simple when the option to buy your product or use your service is right in front of their face. A call to action isn’t for just for your homepage though. For example, let’s say that you’re hosting a release party, but you want to let people know on social media and you also want to know how many people are coming. After posting saying that you’re hosting this event, include a link that includes something like “Sign up today!” A call to action can also be used at the end of a blog post to get people to follow your advice, so get started with call to action buttons now!

Page messaging. Bringing awareness to any event you have, whether online or off, is essential and page messaging provides an easy way to do so. Statistics are a great way to do this, but it’s not the only way- get creative!

Saved replies. Quickly respond to your page’s frequently asked questions with message templates. Include your SBS event information.

Local awareness ads. Local awareness ads can be as simple as a flyer with the basic information: location, time, and the name of the event. Locals can be your greatest source of loyal customers, so show them you care and want them to know about your SBS event. Other than flyers, you can also attempt to get local news coverage for your event or spread awareness other ways.

Monitor local insights. Find out more about the people that surround you and your business. First, find out the demographics of your area, including age, gender, income, etc. Also try to figure out what’s trending in your area. Keeping up with the times is important if your business is going to keep up- or rather keep ahead of the others.

Prepare yourself for SBS the right way and use these tips to bring awareness to your event!

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